An image of a hand reaching out to pick an apple from a selection of four red apples in a row

eat different

video production design


To art direct, film, and edit a video within a team using the skills we’ve learned as graphic design students.


Being that students in the graphic design program are not trained in the art of film production and videography, the focus here was on conceptual thinking and art directing. We were required to use skills such as storyboarding, copywriting, editing, filming, and more, all while learning to work in a collaborative team effort.


As a team, we collectively decided to approach this project with a little bit of humour by creating a PSA that encourages and promotes a healthier lifestyle, but doing it using the language of mockery.


We came up with the idea to take the well known and iconic brand of Apple and film a video about apples in the same way that Apple films their product commercials. We used the same visual language and aesthetic that Apple is known for. Similarly, the commercial displays all the apple’s features and benefits in a tempting way to attract and entice viewers to buy apple, thus encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Team members include Carlee Hannon and Nghi Phan.