A close-up shots of ABC tissue boxes

abc tissues

packaging design


To create a more attractive packaging design for tissue boxes.


Tissue boxes have a lot of potential and room for creative design, however, most packaging for tissue boxes is generic, typical, and simply boring. This project allowed for more creative freedom, and I intended to take full advantage of that.

Four ABC tissue boxes stacked on each other with crumpled up tissue near it
we've got you
covered from a-z
4 ABC tissue boxes lined up in a row displaying the text that is written on them


I wanted to create something fun and eye-catching that would make people smile and brighten up their day every time they reach for a tissue. At the same time, I wanted to showcase its versatility in usage for both good and …not-so-good occasions.

Generally, tissues have a negative connotation as people tend to associate tissues with unpleasant situations, such as runny noses, tears, or messes. However, tissues are so much more than just that, they can be used for joyous moments in life as well. Therefore, to show all its endless possibilities, whether good or “bad”, I used the alphabet and a little bit of cheeky humour.

Four ABC tissue boxes stacked up on each other
A close-up diagonal shot of ABC tissue boxesA close-up shot of ABC tissue boxes


The ABC tissues box design resulted in a white cubical box format, with a pop of colour and texture in the letters and graphic elements. Each box displays good and bad reasons why tissues may be used.

They’re all based off the alphabetical letter graphically displayed on the box. I was pleasantly satisfied with the outcome of keeping it light, fun, humorous and most importantly, more attractive.

Four tissue boxes, for the letters A, B,C, & M, in a row