A black a red and another black circle in a row

two zero two three

poster design


To design a poster for the Dawson College Graphic Design exhibition.


Every year, Dawson College holds an exhibition for the Graphic Design graduating students. It celebrates their success in the program and gives them the opportunity to showcase their work to friends, family, and potential employers.

Each graduate is tasked with designing a poster for this event in a way that communicates and reflects elements of design and self expression based on their experience in the program. After two rounds of votes, the best designed poster is chosen for the exhibition.

Hero image of the graphic design exhibition poster for 2023


After much reflection on my experiences in the last three years at Dawson College, I realized it would be too difficult to narrow it down to just one word and decided to take a different approach. I wanted to play with our graduating year of 2023 in a celebratory manner that highlights the success and conclusion of our three years in the graphic design program. Additionally, I wanted my poster to incorporate elements of design that we’ve been taught to explore throughout the program.

Two posters leaning against a wall for the graphic design exhibition for 2023, one is horizontal and one is vertical


To achieve my vision, I knew I had to break down my concept into its most simplistic basic nature, as one does in design, but with a twist. I took the year “2023” and deconstructed it into “20, 20, 3” and then again into “2, 0, 2, 3”. However, to make it more graphic and visually interesting, I decided to use letters to spell out the numbers, making it “two zero two three”.

This provided more room for possibilities and creative freedom as I had more to work with. I used typography as a basis to incorporate other elements of design, such as colour, form, alignments, contrast, space, and movement.

The three circles, created from the letter O, also represent an ellipsis. It creates a sense of wonder and curiosity into what the future may hold after graduation. The possibilities are endless, but the excitement is greater.

Four graphic design exhibition posters in a row on a wall with someone passing by them